Thursday, July 24, 2014

How To Manage Your Life Productively

Create Happy Productive Life

Productivity in life is more than getting more things done. It is about living a balanced life. It means when you work you are able to get done those things which are important. You are also able to take breaks to unwind and relax while at work.  There is also time for you to spend with your family. You are also able to allocate time to exercise and to be alone. There is also time in your life to socialize and make important connections.  You know personal finance is important to you and you are able to spend time regularly to review your budget. These are important areas in your life, when you are productive you are able to manage your time wisely.

How do you go about doing it?

1.      Purpose in life: You are born into this world to play a role. Find out your purpose in life and create a personal missions statement.  Your purpose in life is closely linked to your interests and passion. It is also about what you are good at and capable of doing. What you do best is also creating value and contributing to society. You are able to fulfill your ambition and aspirations. You are happy and satisfied when you know you have found your role in life. As an example a sweeper may be a minor role in life because it is what he can do. His role is still important and essential to maintain a clean environment for all of us. 

2.      Manage your mind: Your mind controls what you do every day. Positive thoughts create positive emotions so that you are cool, calm and collected to manage your life under stressful situations. You are able to focus and get things done one task at a time.

3.      Manage your body: Health is the foundation of your life. Good health promotes energy and vitality. Eat healthily and exercise regularly. Sufficient sleep every night is crucial to recharge your battery and for you to stay alert all day.    

4.      Productive habits:

·         A routine for everything: It is important to create a routine in your life so that life goes on smoothly. Such routines like getting up early, enjoying your breakfast, working out in the evening after work and reading a few pages before  going to sleep.. 

·         Daily things to do: Getting ready a to-do list in the evening for the following day is a productive habit of many successful and famous people.  According to an article,
The Amazing History of the to-do List – and How to make one that actually works, Benjamin Franklin is a great example of someone known for using lists to encourage his own self-improvement. Benjamin also set himself a strict daily routine, which included time for sleeping, meals and working, all set for specific times of the day. 

·         Write things down: Ideas need to be captured immediately in writing.  Moreover it is a good habit to write things down so that you will commit to take action.    According to an article, Start Writing Things Down, It Will Skyrocket Your Productivity by Kosio Angelov, Get in the habit of writing stuff down. Get into the habit of getting it out of your head, out of your mind, and on an outside medium, and you’re going to see how your entire productivity, your organization, and your flow and focus are just going to get better. Do it over time, put it as a habit, make it a point for you to write stuff down, and your productivity is going to increase dramatically.

·         Do it now: Instead of procrastinating; you do what needs to be done right away. There are other issues to attend to on another day and you may not be able to do it in a rush.

·         Be prepared: Like getting a to-do list ready, it is a productive habit to be well prepared. As an example, before you go to attend an interview in an unfamiliar place, you will identify the location and find how long it will take you to reach there before hand so that you will not be late on the actual day.    

·         Embrace technology: Use online tools. A good example is cloud computing. Keep your files with cloud storage providers such as Google Drive or iCloud so that you can access them anywhere anytime to get things done.  


Obama is one of the powerful people in the world; his role is to manage America. However, he is just like us; he needs to spend time with his children and wife. He needs to take leave to release stress at work. He has to manage his tax affairs. What about you? Do you know your purpose in life? Are you focused and do those things which are important in your life daily? Be purposeful be productive.

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  1. I've found directly and consciously encouraging myself to have more positive thoughts is really valuable. I don't scold myself for negative thoughts, but acknowledge them and try to switch to positive thoughts. A gratitude journal is a good tool to generate positive thoughts.


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