Thursday, July 3, 2014

14 Effective Ways to Market Your Blog

There are many ways to promote and attract people to notice your blog. The following are the methods that I use to market my blog and you can do it without costing a single cent with the exception of offline marketing:   

1.      Social media: The most popular and effective way is through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+Pinterest, and LinkIn. Update your social media sites with each new post on your blog. The most important thing to do is to connect with others and make friends.

2.      Slide share: Turn your popular blog posts into slides and release them at Sildeshare.  Educational articles are the most suitable ones to turn into slides. I use Microsoft PowerPoint to create my slides.     

3.      Press release:  Do a press release and link it to your site at Free Press Release. Before you do so find out if it is news worthy.

4.      Guest posts: You can see a list of my guest posts here. In each post there is a link to my blog.   Make sure your guest post is relevant to the intended website and your article is worthy to be accepted.  

5.      Email and RSS feed: Do you provide email subscription and RSS feed for your blog? You will notice them at the top of the sidebar. Make it easy for readers to subscribe to your articles.     

6.      Amazon: Get readers from Amazon to read your blog posts on-the-go on Kindle . Go to and click on the "create a new account" button.Besides, you get paid when readers subscribe to your blog.  You don't get to choose pricing - Amazon does, based on what it believes is fair. This means $0.99 or $1.99 per month for most blogs. You only get 30% of the subscription revenue.

7.      Blog carnival: Joining blog carnivals is another effective way to get people to visit your site.  Match your article to the carnival of your choice.

8.      Social bookmarking sites: Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit are some of the sites to expose your site. You should post randomly your articles and at the same time promote other people’s articles.     

9.      Offline: In your community you can distribute your business cards, car stickers, flyers, and gifts such as memo pads and pens with your website address printed.

10.  E-books: You can turn your articles into e-books and in each e-book provide links to your blog. You can refer my article about writing an e-book.

11.  Article directories: There are so many article directory sites around and EzineArticles and are two of such sites. Send your best posts to be accepted. There is a link to your blog at the end of each post.

12.   Comments on other blogs: In order to get notices it is wise to comment early when a new post is uploaded. Provide value for your input like giving an example, adding a point and proving a helpful link of high relevancy. 

13.   Blog directories: One interesting directory that I am using is Blog Top List. It shows your daily ranking among other blogs of the same niche.

     14,   Blog communities: Joining relevant groups to get wider exposure  to your blog is an excellent  idea. I am a member of  Alltop and Yakezie.

It goes without saying that posting unique articles regularly on your site is a top priority before you can embark on your marketing campaign. You want to create a good first impression and turn your casual visitors into loyal followers.

How many ways have you tried? What are the other ways you have done? Share with us. 

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