Tuesday, January 31, 2012

20 Warning Signs that You May Have Serious Health Problems

Warning Signs that You May Have Serious Health Problems

When you are fit and healthy you are alert and energetic. You sleep well at night and your appetite is good. There are no aches and pains. However, it is wise to seek consultation if you have the following warning signs. According to medical experts, it could be one of the critical illnesses.

1.       Getting  tired easily
2.       Out of breath easily when climbing stairs
3.       Obese with protruding stomach
4.       Lethargic  and move around slowly
5.       Always thirsty
6.       Headaches
7.       Sudden chest pain
8.       Dizziness
9.       Unusual bleeding
10.   A sore that does not heal
11.   Persistent cough
12.   Lump in breast
13.   Blurred vision
14.   Difficulty in swallowing
15.   Vomiting
16.   Losing weight when you are not trying to
17.   Memory loss
18.   Excessive urination
19.   Decreased appetite
20.   Sudden body numbness

The 4 causes of illness,  according to   Kevin Trudeau (Known as the Ralph Nader of the natural health arena) are:

·         Nutritional deficiencies
·         Toxins and poisons that are in your system
·         Exposure to electromagnetic chaos 
·         Mental and emotional stress, negative thinking

Are you having such warning signs?

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