Tuesday, January 24, 2012

7 Goodness about Chinese New Year

Year of the Dragon

Yes, Chinese New Year is about giving 红包 (hong bao) or red packets to those who are not married and it does not matter how old you are, you will continue to receive as long as you stay single. Hong Bao only brings joy and happiness to children; I am talking about more serious and meaningful issues:

1.       Family value: it is the old tradition of Chinese people all over the world to treasure reunion with the family on the eve of Chinese New Year. The three Chinese characters      团圆饭 (Tuan yuan fan) mean togetherness for the first word,   round or perfect for the second character and rice for the last character. It is a good thing to do not only once a year but more often if possible to meet and express your affection to your loved ones at home when you are living far away. It is necessary to do so because you never know how soon is too late.

2.       Start afresh: The Lunar New Year ushers a fresh beginning for the Chinese. I think it is good thinking because you don’t want the past to hold you back. So you start anew with confidence and determination.

3.       Bright outlook: You see only bright colors during Chinese New Year. The most outstanding color is red. It signifies a bright future and optimistic outlook. It is an excellent attitude to look at life positively and go forward boldly.

4.       Best wishes: I am not talking about words relating to money though these are common words used to greet others when you meet during Chinese New Year like  恭喜发财(gong xi fa cai). I find the following wishes more motivating and meaningful:

·         新年快乐(xin nian kuai le):    It means happiness for the New Year. Happiness is one of the important aims in life.  However, it is not good for those working in the stock broking firms because it sounds like 新年快落 (xin nian kuai luo) - going down quickly during the New Year.

·         心想事成(xin xiang shi cheng):  It is similar in meaning to what your mind can conceive you can achieve.

·         步步高升(bu bu gao sheng):    It is especially good for those who are employed. It means you go higher up for each step you take.  Such encouraging words!

·         龙马精神(long ma jing shen):   Literally it is the spirit of  dragon and  horse. The true meaning is to wish you an alert and energetic New Year.   

5.       A clutter- free home: It is spring cleaning time before Chinese New Year. The house is spick and span. It is also more spacious. While it is good to tidy the house, the Chinese people believe that a clutter-free home will encourage positive flow of energy. 

6.       Things to avoid: During Chinese New Year, you have to avoid breakage especially china and glassware. It brings bad luck but more importantly it is a good lesson in life to be careful in what you do particularly while you are on the road. The other point is that you don’t start a quarrel or fight on such auspicious days. The take-home message is that in life you exercise restraint, patient and seek understanding. 

7.       Gratitude:  To usher the Dragon Year or any other Chinese New Year, the Chinese people express remembrance, thankfulness and appreciation to those living far away by sending them greeting cards. Now you can send messages quickly and more often in this technology age. When you touch another person’s heart, you bring joy and happiness to yourself too.  

And so I wish you:

新年快乐( xin nian  kuai le)
心想事成 (xin xiang shi cheng)
步步高升 ( bu bu gao sheng)
龙马精神 (long ma jing shen)

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