Friday, January 20, 2012

5 blogging Lessons to Learn from the World No 1 Badminton Player

Lee Chong Wei
 Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia started the New Year with a bang by beating nemesis Lin Dan of China in the Korea Open final and Chen Long of China in the semi-final and Kenichi Tago of Japan in the final during the Malaysia Open recently. It was sweet revenge for him to beat the top two Chinese players. I can think of five blogging lessons to learn from the No.1 player in the world.

1.       Be active: Chong Wei cannot rest on his laurels. He has to keep playing and taking part in tournaments to maintain his No 1 ranking in badminton. Similarly, as a blogger, you need to produce articles on a regular basis to sustain your various rankings in the blogosphere like PageRank, Traffic Rank and Technorati Authority Rank.
2.       Be persistent: Chong Wei does not win in all matches. When he is beaten, he is not dejected. He is determined to succeed and not be discouraged by defeats. What he does is that he will focus his energy on the next game and be a better player than before.  As a blogger, do not give up easily when things are not happening as expected. For the first three years of my blogging, nothing is happening. It is only in the fourth year that I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3.       Aim for the best: Chong Wei always aims for the No.1 spot. When you aim high, you will not fall far behind. The results show that if he is either in No1 spot or at No.2 slot. As blogger you should always doing your best to produce quality articles. Associate with the best bloggers in your niche and be influenced by them so that you will be among the best              

4.       Do what you are good at: He is good at badminton, so he puts his heart and soul into it to produce brilliant results. As a blogger you should be writing about things you are interested in and good at in order to produce outstanding articles. It is easier to hone your expertise than to correct your weaknesses. You get better when you continue to do what you love and know best. 

5.       Seek improvement: He develops mental toughness to overcome defeat and failures. He is creative to vary his strategy and tactics to turn around a game in his favor. Technology is evolving at a very fast pace, as a blogger it is essential for you to keep learning and be updated. Learn from other successful bloggers what it takes to make a blog popular and successful. Be creative and be different to move ahead.

Lee Chong Wei is always an inspiration for me. Be active, be persistent, go for the best and keep learning.

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