Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Areas of Personal Development

Personal development
Personal improvement is an on-going process in life. The most important thing is to keep making improvement and getting better in the following key areas of your life:

1. Improve your health: Walk more and drive less, watch less TV and move more. Improve your health by getting more aerobic exercise, weight training and stretching. Watch what you eat and take breaks between tasks and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

2. Getting more positive emotions: Think more of happiness and act more cheerfully. Feel good about yourself and be more confident Associate more with positive-thinking people and smile more often at people to make them happy too.

3. Continuous learning: Learning is a delightful thing. It broadens your mind, stimulates your thinking and provides you with more resources to solve your problems. It is also essential to update yourself and make changes to keep up with the current trend. Read more and learn more new things every day.

4. Improve your personal finance. Money will not give you 100% happiness but without money there will be no happiness. Managing your financial resources is a balancing act. The more you spend the less you will save for you retirement and the less you spend you will have to sacrifice some enjoyment at the moment. Be more cautious about money matters.

5. Improve your relationships with others: We always think of ourselves more when we deal with others. Thinking more of the other person is the effective way to get along well with others.

6. Improve your work: It is about making yourself more effective, efficient and productive at work. It means you will have to get out of your comfort zone and try new things and make the necessary changes for the better. Work smart, do less but achieve more.

7. Improve your family ties: Spend more time at home with .your love ones. Talk more often about anything and everything. Find out more about your children’s school life and their homework. Go out together more often for more fresh air, sunshine and laughter.

Remember these 7 key areas in your life to seek constant improvement and to live a more satisfying and successful life.


  1. All very important! Life is so much better when you actively work on your personal growth. Because I freelance write and run a few personal development blogs, I am always researching and learning new tips to become happier, and it has affected my life in a huge way! Especially when I implement those tips and become more positive or build a stronger relationship.

  2. The first step to take in any sort of development plan is to compile a personal list of 'wishes.' It really doesn't matter what those wishes are and they can be as whimsical or as grounded in reality as is desired.

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