Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Ways to Go Slow and Enjoy life

Enjoy Life

You must have encountered this situation: You try to get something done in a hurry, in the end you make a lot of mistakes and spend more time to get it done. It is frustrating and it drives you nuts. Your blood pressure also goes up. The best thing in life is to go slow and enjoy what you do. Here are the top ten ways to do so:

1. Enjoy your work: Don’t do things in a hurry to produce shabby work. Be pain-taking, meticulous and do it slowly once and for all. Plan your work and work your plan. Get things done smoothly according to your to-do list without stress.

2. Enjoy your meals: Chew you food well because digestion starts with the saliva in the mouth. Enjoy each mouthful by eating slowly. Switch off the TV set and enjoy your food fully.

3. Enjoy your drive: Don’t go fast, let the other fellow overtake you. Do not risk your life and other people’s lives by driving recklessly. Listen to music or motivational CD and enjoy your trip.

4. Enjoy your leisure: Don’t switch from one station to another or change from one channel to another. Take the time to enjoy and appreciate one program in full. Understand the story and get some meaning out of it.

5. Enjoy the moment: Get the flow of things. Don’t think of something else while you are working. Indulge in the pleasure of doing the task at hand. and don’t worry about the future or regret about the past

6. Enjoy the connection: Stop and chat and don’t be in a hurry to leave. You never know when you will be able to meet your friend again. Enjoy the precious moment.

7. Enjoy your exercise: Weight lifting is not to be done in a hurry. Do it slowly to get the full benefits to build your strength. Jog at a pace you enjoy the most and don’t run out of breath. Enjoy the exercise , the fresh air and the sunshine

8. Enjoy as an early riser: Early riser enjoys the most out of a brand new day. There is no need to rush about to get things done. There is time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and there is plenty of time to get things done because you are way ahead of others who are still in bed.

9. Enjoy your interests and passion: Have the time of your life to enjoy doing things that are meaningful to you such as writing, teaching or helping the poor.

10. Enjoy your happiness: Happiness is here and now. Don’t wait for a special occasion in the future to be happy. By the way, will you be happy when the time comes? Discover happiness in everything you do every day. Listen to the falling rain, watch the cruising boat in the river, smile the flower in your garden, these are some of the simple things to enjoy every day. Go slow and make the journey of life enjoyable.

The best thing in life is to avoid getting into a stressful situation by doing things in a hurry. Go slow, enjoy life and be happy.


  1. A great neat little post - it reminds me of a book that i read called Flow: (The Psychology of Optimal Experience) a lot of the stuff you talk about in your post are in it.
    (don't know about the early rising though! ;-) )

  2. Thanks for visiting and your comments

  3. By the way please refer this post:

    Early Risers are Successful People @


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