Sunday, November 18, 2007

The benefits of Exercise

Exercise has tremendous benefits. In the book " The Complete Manual of Fitness and Well-being" published by Reader's Digest, 13 benefits are listed:
  1. Reduces stress and tension, and aids relaxation.
  2. Increase strength and stamina.
  3. Improves sleep.
  4. Aids weight loss and control.
  5. Improves respiratory and cardiovascular systems and reduces the risk of heart and arterial disease.
  6. Helps to relieve depression.
  7. Tones your muscles, which improve your appearance.
  8. Improves your concentration.
  9. Improves your sex life.
  10. Helps to relieve pain, such as backache and menstrual pain.
  11. Increases body flexibility and helps to delay signs of aging,
  12. Improves general health.
  13. Helps you to give up smoking or helps prevent you starting again.

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