Friday, November 23, 2007

How do you Motivate your Children?

How do you Motivate your Children?
Psychologists suggest the following principles:
  1. Accept your child truthfully and without conditions. It does not mean that you are accepting his negative behaviour. You accept your child because he is your child. When your child realizes that you have accepted him totally he will show you his true self.
  2. Focus on the positive aspects of your child. This is to help him to build up his confidence.
  3. Concern more about the child's progress along the way and not the results.This will encourage him to try harder as he moves along.
  4. Allow your child to take initiative and be responsible for his action. This is to allow him to learn from experience and grow independently.
  5. Have positive expectation of your child.Your expectation should not go far beyond his capabilities. He will work harder with your support.
  6. Motivation must be based on facts. Highlight to him the areas that he has done well. Teach your child to be self-motivated by appreciating himself for a job well done.

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