Friday, November 16, 2012

Top 3 Posts in October 2012

Top 3 Posts in October 2012

1. How to Live Longer Meaningfully

According to an item in the news you live longer when you work longer. Look at the chart below:

Retirement age and life span
Country           Retirement age   Average life span
 Singapore       62                       84(F) 79(M)
Hong Kong     Nil                       86(F) 80(M)
Japan              60                       87(F) 80(M)
Korea             60                       84(F) 77(M)
Malaysia         55                       77(F) 73(M)
Indonesia        55                       72(F) 68(M)

The key to longevity is meaningful activities. What can you do to extend your life span?

2. 7 Effective Ways to Cope With Unemployment

The U.S. unemployment rate is at 8.1% with no clear sign of improvement. What do you do when you are suddenly retrenched from a well-paid job? You have been working in a company for more than 20 years and you are given a house and a car plus other benefits. Here are practical ways to face such a challenging situation:

3. 10 Ways to a Healthy Brain

Here are 10 ways to look after your brain so that you stay alert, read and understand faster, remember more, think clearly and are more creative:

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