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Are You Living Effortlessly or Struggling?

Are You Living Effortlessly or Struggling?

A good athlete can enter a state of body-awareness in which the right stroke or the right movement happens by itself, effortlessly, without any interference of the conscious will. This is a paradigm for non-action: the purest and most effective form of action. The game plays the game; the poem writes the poem; we can't tell the dancer from the dance. It happens when we trust the intelligence of the universe in the same way that an athlete or a dancer trusts the superior intelligence of the body.

Lao Tzu (c.604 - 531 B.C.)

 How do you live your day? Are you struggling or thriving and living effortlessly?   Check it out:

·       Are you struggling to get up in the morning or looking forward to a new day?
When you do not like your job or it is stressful, there is no incentive to get up and go to work. When you are passionate about your job you are enthusiastic to welcome every new day. 

·        Are you struggling to get things done or happy at work?
Is your job boring or are you a square peg in a round hole? Are you miserable at work?
To be happy at work, the job must be challenging and you are able to apply what you have learnt to solve problems at work. You are eager to perform at your best and you get satisfaction out of your job.  

·       Are you trying to get even or just forgive and live with peace of mind?
Holding grudges is applying pressure to yourself and disturbing your peace of mind. Forgiveness frees the mind and allows you to focus on living in the present.

·      Are you living with debt or enjoying financial freedom?
Living with debt is a constant struggle trying to get ends meet. Living within your means is the way to live effortlessly.

·       Are you struggling to have more material wealth or just be contented with what you have?
You are not satisfied with what you have. It is always a constant struggle to acquire the latest without end. Living with contentment and be happy that you have what you need in life. The rest is just extra.

·        Are you struggling to match the lifestyle of others or just be delighted with your way of life?
It’s an endless struggle trying to catch up and cope with the lifestyle of your neighbors because you may not have the financial means to do so. Living your own way of life is effortless because it is what you can afford. You are happy with what you are.
·      Are you struggling to live in fear of the future or do you just do the best you can now?
Yes, the future is uncertain but it is no use to worry and struggle to live with the imaginative future.  It is so much easier to live in the present because you are in control and you can do something about it.  

·       Are you struggling to dwell in a problem or working creatively for a solution to it?
If you do not deal with a problem it is a constant struggle to live with it. It is there to disturb your mind. Find a solution, get over it and be free and easy.

·       Are you struggling to do too many things at once and get stressful or just focus on one task at a time effortlessly and live an orderly life and be productive?
Is your life disorganized? Are you having too many things to do in a single day? Are you rushing and struggling about to get things done? Plan ahead and organize your day. To live effortlessly is to live an orderly life.
·       Are you struggling  to loosen up or just relax and have fun:
When it is time to relax and unwind can you loosen up and enjoy the moment fully? Do not struggle and get tensed up all the time.

·     Are you struggling to move about or feel energetic in your daily life?
Do you sit all day long without moving your body? It will be a constant struggle just to get up. Be active, exercise every day and feel the energy in you and you will move about so effortlessly.

·     Are you struggling to endure negative thoughts or get motivated by positive thinking?  
Do not crowd your mind with negativity. It is torturing the mind and you are struggling to live with it. Think positive and be cheerful and you will live your daily life effortlessly.   

·       Are you whining or living the best you can?
Life may be unfair, do you just complaining about it or are you making changes or live with it the best way you can and seek improvement? Whining requires great effort wastefully. Feel good to take action and make progress in life.         

              Are you struggling? Make changes in your life and live effortlessly.   
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