Friday, November 9, 2012

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Career Brand

s 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Career Brand

It is not slickness, polish, uniqueness, or cleverness that makes a brand a brand. It is truth.
Harry Beckwith

When your name is mentioned what do people say about you? Their words are your brand. Positive words translate into a positive brand. Here are 7 ways to fortify your career brand:

1.      Be an expert: Work on your strengths, solve problems and show others you are an expert in your field. Create an awareness of your brand and attract others to come to you for guidance.  

2.      Achievements: It is wise to record and showcase your performance.  It is an effective way to support and substantiate your brand.

3.      Trust: A trusted brand is a promise. You are therefore able to deliver as expected. Trust consists of creditability, quality and value.

4.      Differentiation: Do not be one of them.  Be able to stand out. What distinguishes you among competition? One way to do it is to start a blog and impress others with articles with unique ideas on the subject that you are good at. Be relevant and meets the needs of others.  Conceive ideas which are valuable and useful. 

5.      Consistency: Always stand by your brand in what you do. Maintain a high standard and always perform your best.  
6.      Getting noticed:  Promote your presence and connect with the right people online and offline. Project your brand positively and command a group of loyal followers. Communicate online with two-way dialogue. Create a web resume and manage your presence. Sign up with Google Alerts to monitor and protect your brand online.

7.      Gain more knowledge: Acquire the latest know-how and update your knowledge   according to market changes and meet changing needs. Be ahead and stay ahead. 

       Your brand is what others perceive you. Develop a positive image and build a brand that others can count on.

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