Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Ways to Be a Productive Senior Citizen

7 Ways to Be a Productive Senior Citizen

The United Nations' (UN) International Day of Older Persons is celebrated annually on October 1. It is stated in their official website that the theme of the 2012 commemoration is “Longevity: Shaping the Future”. Ageing and health was also the theme of this year's World Health Day on 7 April. These themes focus on how healthy behaviours throughout life can help older men and women lead full and productive lives and be a resource for their families and communities.

What can you, as a senior citizen, do to be productive? I can think of the following effective ways:

1.      Share your wisdom: Be a resource, as the message clearly states. Share what you have learnt in your life and your experience. The best way is to start a blog so that your messages can be reached far and wide.  

2.      Stay healthy: Taking preventive measures to stay healthy and fit is the best way to avoid burdening the government with burgeoning health care costs. An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Move your body and enjoy the great outdoors. Eat nutritiously and keep hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

3.      Stay connected: Don’t isolate yourself and get depressed. Stay connected with people who care for you. Avoid negative people who discourage you in what you intend to do.

4.      Stay financially independent: One great way to enjoy peace of mind is getting financial freedom. You are self-sufficient and you avoid being a burden to others.

5.      Stay happy: Be cheerful and smile at people you meet. Stay positive and look at the bright side of things. Live in the present and enjoy what you do. Stop whining and stay energetic and confident to face challenges in life.

6.      Contribute: What are your skills? What can you do to offer services in the communities? Be a useful and valued senior citizen and lead a fulfilled and satisfied life as long as possible.

7.      Continue to Learn: Be alert and understand things that are happening around you; stay ahead and stay up-to-date especially in technological advancements. Read books and learn new thing to stimulate the mind.  Learning is the way to live an interesting and rewarding life. 

      Taking proactive action is the way to stay productive in the golden years. 

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