Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 Productive Ways to Use Post-It Notes

10 Productive Ways to Use Post-It Notes

A Post-it note is a wonderful tool because it sticks anywhere. Do you know the economical way of using sticky notes? Buy one or more in pad form ( 5 inches) and cut it into 5 small sticks because one Post-it note or Sticky note usually is about one item, one idea or one important thing to do.  It is a waste to use sticky notes in pad form unless you are writing notes on it. One more thing, don’t use white Post-it notes because it will not stand out. Bright colors get noticed easily. Here are 10 productive ways to use such sticky notes.    

1.      On your office desk: Stick it on top of the desk for something to do outside the office as soon as you complete the current job. It’s a great reminder while you are focused on the current job and forget what needs to do next.

2.      Reading: It is the best bookmark. You will not miss the page where you stop reading.

3.      In your purse: Going shopping? Need a few items urgently? Stick a post-it note into your purse. When you open your purse to take out cash or your credit card, you will notice those items to buy.     

4.      For your signature: It is commonly used in the office when a document requires many people to sign on many pages. Stick at the side of each page where signatures are needed. It is a quick and easy way to get things done. 

5.      Labeling: It is one effective tool for identifying important sections of your notes. Label all the important pages to locate them easily. You can use different colors for different sections of your notes.

6.      On the file folder: Apply a post-it note on your file folder to remind you to take action on the following day.

7.      Dashboard: When you are on the move, stick one note on your dashboard so that you will remember what to do when you reach your destination.  

8.      At home: You can stick it on your computer screen for things to do online. However, there is an accessory called Sticky Notes that you can use as a normal post-it note while working on your PC. Learn to use Sticky Note in window 7 at There are disadvantages because you can delete say, a password, accidentally and you cannot remove it and stick it somewhere else. You can also stick a message on the fridge, on your desk or the door.

9.      Creative way to use a Post-it note: Use a Post-it note for easy post-drilling cleanup at

10.  To motivate and create more happiness at the workplace: Write a thank you note or words of appreciation to an employee. It is sure to make his or her day.    

       What do you do with your Post-it notes?

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