Thursday, March 27, 2008

How do you treat your maid?

Your maid is another human being. Treat her like a member of your family and you will have a better rapport with her. Just consider the following:

  • Your maid needs about three to six months to adjust herself to the local environment. In this period you need to be accommodating.
  • Though your maid has been trained, you need to be patient to teach and explain to her about all the household chores. Do not scold her.
  • Do not treat your maid like a slave. Do not order her around. Remember you have children at home and they will imitate you. Teach your children to be kind to her and call her Ah Yee. Most important of all, do not mistreat your maid.
  • Your maid is alone and far away from home. Communicate more often to her to reduce her anxiety and pressure at work.
  • Keep in contact with your agent. In case of any changes in her behaviour, allow your agent to resolve the issue.

Above all, talk to your maid more often to reduce unnecessary misunderstanding, friction and problems.

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