Thursday, February 2, 2012

7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Earning Power

Increase Your Earning Power

The debt crisis in Europe is looming large. It impacts negatively all nations around the world. When a nation is affected, individuals are also worrying about their job. Instead of dwelling and magnifying the problem which may not happen, you might as well focus your energy on increasing your earning potential.  Here are some productive ways to enhance your earning power: 

1.       Marketable Skills: The most important thing is your skills. Do you possess skills which are in demand right now? Be an expert in a relevant field to differential yourself from others. I am 63 yet I am employed full-time doing finance and accounting work. Besides that I speak three languages.  My financial skills are essential in any businesses and knowing a few languages is an advantage in a multi-racial society. More importantly, your skills must be able to translate into more revenue for the company or getting higher profit. It is the performance that counts.  

2.       Social skills: It is about networking and getting to know more people. The only way is to reach out. You may have the skills, but getting to know the right person may land you in another higher paying job. 

3.       Soft skills: Your may possess the right skills, but if you do not work with the right soft skills, your earning power may be curtailed. Soft skills are your attitude at work. Do you love your work? Are you enthusiastic at work? Do you work with confidence? Are you organized? Do you get things done and meet deadlines? Are you likable? Can you easily get what you want like a pay raise when you ask for it?  

4.       People skills: Another important skill is getting work done thorough others. You can’t do every thing by yourself. You have to delegate in order to be productive. Pay attention to other people so that others will do work willingly and wholeheartedly for you.

5.       A part-time job: A part-time job is not just working part-time. It is a springboard leading to a business of your own to increase your earning tremendously. Identify the marketable skills in your hobbies and develop slowly into a full-time income. Writing is another skill of mine. I am writing articles part-time on my blog. My aim is to earn a full-time income by blogging. 

6.       Continue to educate yourself: Another vital skill is learning to learn. There is a deluge of information and we have to select what is relevant because we want to apply what we have learnt and be more productive. So, update your skills and learn other suitable skills too. Never stop reading .If you can get an online degree to get a better position with better pay, do it.

7.       Change: Be ready for the next move, be prepared to change job. It is another way to gain more experience and better pay. Stepping out of your comfort zone is risky. But if you don’t make a move, there will be no progress.

What else can you do to increase your earning power?

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