Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Powerful Reasons to Communicate at Work

 7 Powerful Reasons to Communicate at Work

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. ~ Anthony Robbins

Effective communication is essential to get things done at the workplace smoothly as planned with expected outcome.  The following reasons support the importance of communication at work:   

1.       To inform: This is the way to update the staff and keep them well-informed of the happenings in and around the company. With proper information workers can improve customer services with reliable facts and figures.  Staff will get to understand the company better and be engaged. It is an effective way to build bond and trust. To inform is to treat the workers as part of a family. 

2.       To clarify: Proper communication at the right time is crucial to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.  When changes are taking place in a company, communicate to reduce fear and conflict.  It is a good way to control the situation.

3.       To motivate: The most effective way to get commitment from the staff is to motivate them.  Appreciate and value their contribution by expressing praise and compliment. Getting noticed for doing a good job is important to boost their enthusiasm and confidence at work.

4.       To teach: If you want others to get things done as envisaged, you have got to teach and educate them. Let people know what is expected.  Share stories of success to inspire the workers.

5.       To understand: To socialize with your staff better is to get to know them better. Talk to them and listen. It is a fruitful way to connect and improve relationships with fellow workers. It also demonstrates the importance of those people that you engage with.

6.       To ask: To communicate is also to obtain feedback and find out what the staff want and do the right things in the best interest of the staff and the company.

7.       To work as a team: When communication is aligned with actions, it is a powerful way to influence others to achieve goals collectively. When an austerity drive is initiated, senior staff responded with pay cut, their action will encourage others to watch and trim expenses. 

 Communication works for those who work at it. ~John Powell

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