Sunday, April 27, 2008

To sleep well at night

In order to recharge your battery you need around eight hours of quality sleep. While it is important to have a comfortable bed, pillow and a blanket which is not heavy, the following factors will also contribute to a good night's sleep:

  • Wear loose clothing and sleep on your right side to reduce the burden on your heart. At the same time it facilitates the functioning of the internal organs such as liver and intestines.
  • Soak your feet with warm water to stimulate blood circulation and it helps you to sleep better.
  • The best time to sleep is between ten to eleven o'clock and the best time to get up is between five to six o'clock in the morning. When you are up and about, open the window to receive circulation of fresh air into your room.
  • Take a glass of water when you get up. It is a healthy habit to replenish the liquid in your body.
  • To avoid air pollution, don't store many things in your bedroom. Keep your room spacious.

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