Friday, April 4, 2008

Memory training for your children

It is necessary to train your child's memory. One of the ways is to ask him to do shopping. Give him twenty dollars and ask him to buy one packet of sugar, two packets of salt, three packets of flour and four match boxes. At another time give him fifty dollars and ask him to buy one pen, two exercise books and four pencils. Find out if he can remember. Your child's memory will improve by doing these repeatedly.
Playing games are good for memory training too. Playing cards are an effective tool for memory improvement. You need to remember the cards well if you want to win the game. So, a game of chess, a game of cards and other games involving memory are good for your child's memory training.
Cultivate your child's observation power is another form of memory training. Ask your child to describe something after observing it for a while. Ask him to repeat a story after reading a book. Remember to praise him when he can tell a story in vivid detail.

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