Monday, August 11, 2014

What can you do productively when there is no internet connection?

System Fail

In most places of work people are at a loss when the system is down and without internet connection. Here are a few tips to occupy your time productively when the system is offline:

1.      Software in your hard disk: For those people working on finance and accounting they still can carry on working like a breeze because the software is installed in the hard drive. You have no choice but to stop work when your system is stored in the cloud. While your accounting system is disconnected and out of reach your still can use Excel to crunch your figures and as a writer you are still able to use your word processor.

2.      Clear clutter: It is a good time to tidy your desk and arrange your files so that you don’t have to search high and low for a misplaced file.

3.      Think and write: In the event that your computer system is totally out of order you still can spend time productively using your pen and paper to generate ideas for your project or the next article. 

4.      Take a break: It is the best thing to do when you have to stop work. Take a coffee break, catch up with your co-workers and release your tension. When the system is up and running you are fully charged to carry on working online.   

5.      Run errand: Need to post a letter or pay your grocery bill nearby? Do it now and use the time wisely.  It’s good to get out of the office and get some fresh air outside.

6.      Communicate: No email? No problem. Communicate by phone or visit the person in the next office and sort things out face to face. You can study the other person‘s body language while discussing an important issue.

7.      Review: Take a look at your to-do list for the day; reschedule and eliminate those things that you can do in the following day and identify the next important task to do. You can also review your personal goals and objectives. Are you on target? What is the next important step to take?  
8.      Getting things done without online distractions: Take advantage of the time to complete whatever that you have put off doing provided it is not an online-related job.

9.      Organize your PC: Clean up your PC and delete unwanted files and programs to create more space. Your system will also run faster. Create categories and delete those bookmarks that are no longer used.

10.  Spring-clean your PC: Unplug and remove the cover and clean the dust. The cooling fan is especially dusty. 

What else can you do when the computer system is down? 


  1. This is an entertaining post. I've certainly struggled with no internet before, and it's not fun (when you really need it). However, it is a great way to motivate you to take a break from technology - which is often a good idea.

  2. Happy to note that you like the article. Thanks


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