Thursday, August 7, 2014

10 Delightful Ways to Live a Meaningful Life

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Life has different perspective for different people. For some life is to enjoy, some live casually to make life easy going, some live for adventure, some explore it as beauty of living with nature, and for some it is a lesson. But at the end, you must ensure to make your life meaningful and make it worth living with positive impact on life with your endeavor to work hard.

Here are some pertinent points to help you live a meaningful life:
1.      In the moment: The only time worth living is the present because you are able to breathe, feel, think and act. Are you able to live in the present focusing on what you are doing without drifting your thoughts into the past or future? Are you in the flow when you are at work? Can you let go and enjoy yourself while at play?  When you eat are you savoring the food or doing something else without really appreciating the food that you are eating? Slow down and concentrate on the task at hand or fully indulge in a moment of relaxation.    

2.      Care of your body: A meaningful life starts with your own body. Are you alert, full of energy and in high spirits? Your vibrancy is a key factor to live in the moment and do what you do with full force.

3.      Positive values: What are your values in life? I find that the positive values of integrity, honesty and trust are important in the journey of a meaningful life. To show you true worth and to be trusted are your greatest assets because your thinking and your attitude will manifest in your action every day.

4.      Purpose in life: What can you do to contribute? A giver’s life is more likely to be meaningful.  What are you good at and passionate about? This will determine your role in life. It may be a minor role but you will find meaning in it because you serve the society.
5.      Positive emotions: A sense of gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness and forgiveness generate positive meaning in your life because you get a sense of fulfillment.

6.      Knowledge: To learn is to understand and obtain insight and wisdom. While it is a great way to find meaning in our existence, the knowledge you have gained can be applied effectively in what you do and be more productive.

7.      Self-growth: Change your thinking and improve yourself. Try new things every day and do things differently. Look at things from another angle.

8.      Family: Family is part of a meaningful life. Living together harmoniously is a challenge in life. Bringing up children is never easy but satisfying to see them growing and doing well in life.

9.      A simple life: A meaningful life is not about getting more for your own good.  It is not in alignment with your purpose in life. Living within your means is to be responsible and not getting into debt.

10.  Facing challenges in life: A meaningful life is not a smooth sailing one. There are setbacks and obstacles ahead. Overcoming difficulties in life to achieve your goals is rewarding and satisfying.

What are the other things you consider relevant to live a meaningful life?     

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