Friday, February 12, 2010

Tai Chi, Glucosmine, Calcium and Knee Pain

Tai Chi
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Tai Chi

A recent study suggests that practicing Tai Chi may not only reduce osteoarthritis pain, but improve joint functions as well.

Researchers from the Tufts University School of Medicine carried out a study on 40 people with knee osteoarthritis who had an average age of 65. Half were randomly placed in hour-long twice-weekly Tai Chi classes for three months. Participants were also asked to practice Tai Chi for at least 20 minutes a day at home.

The other 20 participants acted as the control group took part in full-body stretching exercise and were encouraged to stretch for 20 minutes a day at home

According to a Los Angeles Times report, those in the Tai Chi group saw a substantial drop in knee pain compared to the control group after three months. The Tai Chi group also saw more improvements in function, depression and health status.

There are more benefits of practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis. You can

• Improve blood circulation
• Reduce stress
• Enhance muscle coordination and flexibility
• Promote calmness and serenity
• Achieve fitness and relaxation because it is a form of meditation in motion
• Improve your mood and well-being
• Reduce heart rate and blood pressure and increase lung capacity

The best time to do it is in the early morning. Everything is quiet. The graceful and continuous movement will develop peace and calmness in you. When you do it mindfully you are in tune with nature. It is such a beneficial thing to do to start a new day calmly and peacefully.

Glucosmine and calcium

The other suggestion to promote healthy bones and joints is to include the following supplements in your diet:

• Glucosamine
• Calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium citrate or calcium lactate
• Vitamin D to help absorption of calcium.

According to a report in the newspaper the latest calcium products derived from wild yam which is also suitable for vegetarian. There is no side effect and you do not need to consume vitamin D to assist absorption.

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  1. Seems like Tai Chi is great for a range of ailments...


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