Monday, November 3, 2014

10 Free Things in Life to be Appreciative

the best things in life are free

When you are happy, you are free; when you are free, you can be creative; when you are creative, your divine self comes out. - Jeffrey Fry

Getting   more material things may not enrich your life. In fact the happiness of buying the latest gadgets is only short-lived because you will be thinking of purchasing the latest model when it is available in the market. The most valuable things in life are actually free.  The following things which are free are in fact the essence of a good life:

1.     Air and breathing: Air is free but do you breathe deeply and slowly to oxygenate your cells in the body? Dr. K.P. Buteyko is a physiologist and clinical physician who devoted 50 years of his life to the study of respiration. According to him, healthy breathing is slow (about 12 breaths per minute), from the diaphragm (rather than the chest), through the nose (rather than mouth) and is quiet and light. There are deep breathing practices like yoga, qigong, Tai Chi.  With proper breathing the systems in your body work better. It also promotes calmness and mental concentration.

2.     Water and hydration: Water may not be totally free, but the cost is minimal. However, you need to drink water throughout the day to be hydrated. About 60% of your body is water; it energizes the body by maintaining body fluids and keeps your skin looking good.

3.     Exercise and health:  Your body is made for movements. It is the best way to keep fit, healthy and energetic. A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your health. When you exercise, especially in the open, you embrace nature, breathe in fresh air and bathe under the sun to obtain vitamin D.

4.     Rest and sleep: Are you getting enough sleep? A good night’s sleep rejuvenates and repairs damages done to your body after a hectic day at work.  You can’t work continuously and be productive; you need to take breaks to work with focus and sustain your energy.  

5.     Calmness and peace of mind: Pursuing more wants and comparing yourself with others only make you restless. Getting even and holding grudges only bring about a turbulent mind. Adopt a simple life to enjoy the serenity of a tranquil life. 

6.     Family and friends: Your family is your fortress because family comes first. You may be successful in your career but with a broken family your success does not mean much. All you need to do is to spend quality time with family members. Your friends are your support system. They cheer you up and motivate you. You can’t buy genuine relationships.   

7.     Love and kindness: A good life is about love, kindness, forgiveness and gratefulness. Thinking positively and acting with compassion are the way to live a life with energy and enthusiasm. 

8.     Here and now: Do not allow your mind to wonder about. Be aware of what you are doing. The present moment is the only time to work with concentration and getting the flow experience. To be truly live life is to live from moment to moment.

9.     Happiness and hope: You have a choice. You can be miserable or happy.
Life is short and unpredictable.  Do not allow fear and regret to take hold of your thinking. Choose happiness to live your life. Be hopeful because hopefulness is the only force to propel you to go forward in life. 

10.  Communicate and get in touch: Connecting with loved ones far away is free; thanks to advancement of technology. You can, as an example, use Line to talk to your son who is studying abroad until the cows come home without paying a single cent. You can even use FaceTime to talk face to face for free.

Are you enjoying the priceless wealth in life? Start today and change your lifestyle to reap the benefits.   

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