Friday, October 16, 2015

10 C’s of Successful Article Writing

Image result for Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader. Not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.
When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing. –Enrique Jardiel Poncela

The first goal of writing is to have one’s words read successfully. - Robert Brault

The purpose of article writing is to express your view vividly on a topic that you know very well for the interest of your readers. In order for the readers to derive benefits from your articles, consider the following 10 C’s when you write an article:

1. Clear: Do not beat around the bush; start with a brief introduction stating the aim of the article and dive straight to the heart of your article point by point to convince the readers what you have to say. 

Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head. – From the movie Finding Forrester 

2. Concise: Avoid padding and just be trim and meaty. Don’t test the patience of the readers and waste their time. Your site is not the only site in the blogosphere.

3. Captivating: The article title should be able to stir the emotion of the readers and prompt them to read your article. Asking a question or offer some positive benefits in a few shorts word are some of the ways to capture the attention of your readers.

 4. Colorful: Add punch to your article with quotes from famous people. Talk about news headlines or tell a real story to spice up your article. A relevant image will definitely inspire the imagination of your readers.

 5. Complete and comprehensive: The article should be written in depth to cover a specific topic. This is to allow the readers to understand the subject matter so that they are able to take the necessary action immediately.

 6. Care: Take note of grammar, punctuation and spelling. In the content matching the article title? Is it written in a cohesive manner?

 7. Choose: Choose the right topic within your niche. Choose the most enticing headline and choose the most suitable words to express accurately what your want to say. Choose simple and short words to covey your message effectively,

 8. Connect: Write to touch the hearts of your readers because the topic is also of concern to them. Provoke their thoughts and stimulate them to share their views with you.

 You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke. –Arthur Polotnik

 9. Creative: Write it in a refreshing style even though it is an old subject. Look at a topic from a different perspective. Uniqueness and originality is the key.

The secret of good writing is to say old thing in a new way or to say a new thing in an old way. –Richard Harding Davis

 An original writer is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate. – Chateaubriand, Le Génie du Christianisme 1802

10. Convenient: Make it easy for the readers to read your articles. Use simple words and short sentences. Employ bullets points and highlight key words. Avoid distractions by putting ads in the middle of your article. Let the readers read it in one go without having to scroll to more pages.

The most effective way is to write for the readers in things that they are interested in by using words they understand.

The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction. By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say. – Mark Twain

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