Monday, May 4, 2015

Be Bold in Life with 21 Inspirational Challenge Quotes


1. I've learned in my life that it's important to be able to step outside your comfort zone and be challenged with something you're not familiar or accustomed to. That challenge will allow you to see what you can do. -J. R. Martinez 

2. Scientists have demonstrated that dramatic, positive changes can occur in our lives as a direct result of facing an extreme challenge - whether it's coping with a serious illness, daring to quit smoking, or dealing with depression. Researchers call this 'post-traumatic growth. -Jane McGonigal 

3. You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things. -Nate Berkus 

4. Happiness includes chiefly the idea of satisfaction after full honest effort. No one can possibly be satisfied and no one can be happy who feels that in some paramount affairs he failed to take up the challenge of life. -Arnold Bennett

5. Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time... It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other. -Leo Buscaglia 

6. You should not remain in your comfort zone; if you want to make it big, you must challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and succeed in doing well outside of your comfort areas. -Rohit Sharma 

7. I don't run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet. -Nadia Comaneci 

8. Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Joshua J. Marine 

9. Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. - George Patton 

10. The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he’s dead. -Bette Davis 

11. A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it. -Ray Davis 

12. There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet. -William Frederick Halsey, Jr. 

13. Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. -Bernice Johnson Reagon 

14. Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. -Roger Crawford 

15. Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character. -Author Unknown 

16. By cultivating gratitude you eventually expand your internal sense of what is possible, regardless of seeming obstacles and challenges you go through. -Veronica Smith, 

17. When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out. - David Weatherford 

18. The ultimate measure of a person s not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where the stand in times of challenge and controversy. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

 19. Life is a challenge, meet it. -Mother Theresa 

 20. A challenge is an opportunity to prove your ability to yourself, and others. -Joe Brown 

 21. Don't let setbacks get you down. Studying successful people will show you that they did not attain their success without first overcoming challenges.-Catherine Pulsifer

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