Monday, September 22, 2014

What Can Buffer Do For Your Blog


As a blog owner, you can post articles from your blog to social media such as Facebook and Twitter during the day. Can you do it while you are sleeping at night?  This is where Buffer comes in. In fact it can schedule your postings at any time on any day.

What is Buffer? It is a social media management tool to post your articles to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ at predetermined time and day. You can do it up to 10 posts in three social networking sites for free.  When you upgrade to Awesome by paying $10 per month or $102 per year, you can connect to your Profile, Page and Group in your Facebook account. In your LinkedIn account you can connect to your Profile and Page.  You will be able to schedule up to 200 posts at any one time and connect to 15 RSS feeds    

 I schedule my posts at 3.00 am local time daily to cover a time slot that I cannot reach out by myself. I also schedule my daily posts for the days when I am out of town without internet access. During the day I will do postings by myself to and Pinterest besides the usual social networking sites.

It is a site more than just scheduling your posts. It also has an analytics section to measure your success in social engagement. It records the number of retweets, favorites, mentions and clicks in your Twitter accounts for the posts that you have scheduled. In your LinkedIn account you can see the number of comments likes clicks and reshares. You will also see the numbers of comments, likes, clicks and shares in your Facebook account.   Similarly you will see the number of comments, +1’s, clicks, reach and shares in your Google+ account.

Sign up for free with Buffer  to leverage your presence in social networking sites.

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