Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to run a productive office

Maintaining productivity is a day to day battle, so here is a list of ten top tips to help.
Use Technology to Your Advantage
Keeping on top of technological advancements can boost your productivity. Tablets are a perfect example since they feature numerous useful business applications and can also serve as portable notepads.
Portable projectors can also make communicating information to your entire team much easier – just set them up anywhere and the data is displayed. There is a lot of technology available today – investigate!
Communicate Effectively
Communication can impact on productivity in a number of ways. What you ask your employees to do should be communicated in a clear, straightforward way.
Misunderstandings cost time. If you have issues you need to discuss with an employee, don’t skirt around the problem. Be clear and avoid any doubt.
Use Web-Based Tools
There is a wide range of online tools to help boost your workplace productivity. For example, you can use a program called Do to organise projects (including deadlines, scheduling, notes and progress updates). It is also available as a mobile application.
Websites like AnyMeeting allow you to host meetings online so your team can communicate more efficiently – especially useful for staying in contact with remote workers.
Change Your Plans When Necessary 
Waiting for responses from clients or co-workers before you continue with a task can sometimes mean you have to delay a project. So why not use your time to do something else. This is a good opportunity to devote your attention to projects that require planning or extra thought.
Plan Your Vacations
It may sound paradoxical, but taking time off can actually good for productivity. It’s easy to get bogged down if you work too long without a break.
Plan your holidays in advance, making sure your preferred dates work with your schedule and that you complete important projects before you leave. If you make work fit around your holidays – you’ll be happier and more productive.
Find Something to Do
Try making an early start on a new project, find yourself something new to do. While you’re at work there is always something you could be helping out with. Being proactive means being productive
Listen to Your Internal Clock
Are you a morning person? Or do you find yourself being more productive as the day goes on? It’s good advice to know your own habits. If you get a burst of energy in the morning and then slow down in the afternoon, plan your work accordingly. Tackle most of your work early and then focus on simpler tasks during your slow period.
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