Friday, June 22, 2012

Do You Want to Sell and Still Keep Your Blog and Make Money?

Are you a blog owner? Do you write regularly and your posts are evergreen? Do you know that you can sell your blog to Amazon and make money?  I don’t mean you literary sell it. I mean you can sell your blog subscriptions to Amazon Kindle users. 

According to Amazon, Kindle Blogs are auto-delivered wirelessly to the Kindle and updated throughout the day. They are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so they can be read even when you're not wirelessly connected. And unlike RSS readers which often only provide headlines, blogs on Kindle contain full text content and most images.

How do you go about that? You go to Kindle Publishing for Blogs to complete a simple formality:

Amazon Kindle 1
As an example, this is my page at Amazon:

Amazon Kindle 2
It is necessary for you to upload an image for your blog to make it attractive. You can also provide an image of your blog’s front page. It is also essential for you to go to your account to complete your public profile page at Personalisation:

 Amazonn Kindle 3

Do not think that when it is done your blog subscriptions will be selling like hot cake.  If seasoned authors need to market their new books, you have to promote your Kindle blog even more aggressively because you are unknown in the market. Ask your readers to take action on your blog, do a press release and ask for subscriptions at social networking sites. I have just started to do so. 
The monthly subscription is $0.99 or £0.99. You will be paid a royalty of 30%. It is an excellent case of passive income; do nothing and get paid. Best of all it is free to sell your blog.

What do you think?

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