Friday, March 19, 2010

10 Positive Attitudes at the Workplace

10 Positive Attitudes at the Workplace

Your success at the workplace does not just depend on your qualifications and your technical skills. It is your ability and your effort in getting things done. Most important of all it is your attitude towards your work and other people

1. Be creative: Identify and develop better ways of doing things, break away from the norm.

2. Be optimistic: When you are out of work, do not give up. Renew your skills and be on the lookout for new opportunities.

3. Get out of the comfort zone: Be ambitious and strive for better results. Don’t rest on your laurels.

4. Proactive: Know what you want out of life and focus on doing the essentials. Find ways to simplify your work and do less to achieve more.

5. Do better than expected: Go the extra mile to deliver more than what is expected of you by your boss.

6. Appreciate yourself and others: Think highly of yourself and value your talents and capabilities. At the same time take note and appreciate the best of others and recognize what they have contributed.

7. Compliment and not complain and criticize: Do not pour cold water, say kind words to motivate others and give them hope.

8. Give: Give to others confidence, warmness, consolation and happiness. Ask yourself,” Have I given today?” It is a great way to promote relationships.

9. Show your best: You have to put your best foot forward and be noticed. People are not obligated to take note of you; it is up to you to market yourself. If you hide in a corner how are you going to show what you are capable of and realize your ambition?

10. Follow your interest and passion: Follow your heart. Do things that you are interested and passionate about. When you show your best, you allow others to notice you easily.

A person’s attitude determines his altitude.


  1. yes, these techniques have better results when followed by a working person

  2. Thanks for visiting and your input.

  3. Great list of positive attitudes! You are doing such a good thing helping other people like me.


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